NotarySAFE Scanning Service

An Easy Way to Digitise Your Paper Records

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Professional Scanning Service

Without professional scanning equipment, digitising your paper records one page at a time can be a truly time-consuming task. The NotarySAFE Scanning Service eliminates this by offering an all-in-one digitsation package exclusively to members of the Notaries Society.

How does the scanning service work?

Step 1.

A member of the NotarySAFE team will arrange for collection of your documents.

Step 2.

All items such as paper clips, staples and sticky notes will be removed and paperwork will be straightened ready for scanning.

Step 3.

Your documents will be carefully scanned using top-of-the-line, high quality professional scanning equipment and securely stored on our servers.

Step 4.
Quality Control

We meticulously check every file to ensure that they have been scanned correctly and that the highest quality of digitisation has been achieved.

Step 5.
Digital Storage

Once digitised, your files can either be sent to you on an encrypted flash drive or saved onto one of our servers for you to download onto your computer. You can also upload them directly to your NotarySAFE account from our own servers if you'd prefer to take advantage of our very fast upload speeds.

Step 6.
Shredding or Delivery

At the end of the process, we can securely shred all of your paper records and issue a certificate of destruction, or if you'd prefer to also keep physical copies, we can deliver all of your paper records back to you.

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