Your Login & Encryption Passwords

Your login & encryption passwords explained

NotarySAFE has two password systems, the ‘login’ password and the ‘encryption’ password.

Your login password is used to login to NotarySAFE and access your account settings (payment information, password settings, G2FA settings etc.).

Your encryption password is used to access and make changes to your files (upload, download, rename etc.).

When you first create your account, your login password and your encryption password will be the same.

You can change your login password whenever you like, but your encryption password can never be changed. This will always be the first password that you used when creating your account.


If you created your account with the password of ‘Safe123’, by default, you would use the password ‘Safe123’ to access your account settings AND your files.

If you changed your login password to ‘Notary123’, you would then access your account settings using ‘Notary123’, but you would still need to use your original password of ‘Safe123’ to access your files.